OxBow Products

We put a lot of passion into everything we make. Take a look at some of the awesome products we have developed:


OxBow’s Medical Information Tracking System (Med-IT®) is the only application yet to seamlessly merge health screening data management with eligibility computing, billing, and so much more.

Originally developed to support the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program, as the CDC introduced new programs such as WISEWOMAN and Colorectal Cancer Control Program, Med-IT® was adapted to support the additional data generated. The result? One convenient, accessible place for all three programs’ data no matter how much or little.


encounter CHART™

encounter CHART™ is a Community Health Assessment and Referral tool designed to proactively assist in the uncovering of health risks of commuity residents. It is a web-based application that provides Community Health Workers a real-time picture of the health status in their community, along with resources needs.

Using mobile services, encounter CHART™ provides person-centered recommendations, education, and links to community resources for healthy living.


AXIS™ Suite

The AXIS™ Suite offers applications that are focused on assisting organizations with performance, contract, grant, and Public Health Accreditation management functions.

Comprised of modules that can be used together or separately, the AXIS™ Suite compiles all necessary items in one place so that it is accessible to those who need it. OxBow's goal with this application is to create a seamless, straightforward process to help organizations better their processes whether through accreditation or performance improvement.