About OxBow

OxBow Data Management Systems is the answer to a question you might not be asking yourself: How do I reach existing and new customers quickly and efficiently? For over twenty years, OxBow Data Management Systems has been creating and actively developing software for a diverse clientele base.

We are a leader in developing dynamic, customer oriented data management solutions. The healthcare industry put us on the map, and continues to challenge us to create better, innovative software. Working with several state health and human services agencies prompted two of our most used applications.

But we haven't stopped there.

Recently breaking into various commercial markets to expand our expertise, we've got our attention focused on all opportunities, and are excited to see what the future holds.

What does “OxBow” Mean?
Our name “OxBow” comes from the idea of combining our strengths and abilities with those of our customer to form a true and straight path for success. Our mantra is that we don’t succeed until our customers do.